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Permanent Removal of Smoke Odors in Homes or Cars

ImageYOU LOVE the HOME on the Internet…. but walking through the front door, your nostrils are assaulted and you  want to leave immediately!  Nothing turns off a potential buyer more (except cat odors!) than cigarette smoke odors!  I just had a listing in Roswell GA… which suffered from years of smokers.  After researching our options we found this treatment to be PERFECT!  Placing the machine in a closed home for a week rid the house of the smoke odor!  Unbelievable!  You can rent a machine or purchase new for around $300- $400.  Well worth the investment to secure a higher home price!

Another great trick for vacant homes… add charcoal to a wicker basket and cover it with pine cones or a silk plant…. the charcoal will absorb the stale  air odors while the house is closed up.  Your home will smell and feel fresher.  Just don’t use those air fresheners for outlets…. everyone thinks you are covering up a smell!… which you ARE! 

Good luck!  It’s going to be a great 2012! 

Janet Weidmann (Team Leader of the WOW Team of Keller Williams) 770-597-2862

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