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Exciting things are happening in Roswell Georgia

Greenspace & Planned Community!

Duke Land Group - Roswell Riverwalk Village

Duke Land Group seeks rezoning of 104 acres near Holcomb Bridge Road & Ga. 400. (image: Duke Land Group)

Riverwalk Village an ecologically focused development has been haled as the most up and coming pedestrian friendly community in Atlanta!  I am thrilled to hear this development will incorporate the existing river park along Riverside Rd to residential homes, offices, schools, shops, hotel & restaurants and greenspace all within an easy on/off of HWY 400 and Holcomb Bridge Rd.  I am even more excited to hear the bike paths and pedestrian trails will eventually link with the Big Creek greenway with a proposed tunnel under Holcomb Bridge Rd.  Finally, Atlanta will rival other cities with a coherent plan for alternative bike paths and greenspace within a beautifully planned community!

What about traffic?  With an early off ramp you will be home ~ less traffic on Holcomb Bridge Rd., easier commute and potentially with more Class A office space in Riverwalk Village means more options for working in the immediate proximity of your home!

Should existing homeowners with the larger lots
be concerned for future resale?

I would say, ‘not to worry!!’
There will always be buyers who want privacy, larger home lots w/ mature trees and the traditional home.  Although the housing trends are pointing to more communities like Riverwalk Village, homeowners must also recognize that in these newer communities you will be experiencing a more urban lifestyle with closer proximity to neighbors and less privacy.  Recognize that there are all sort of buyer profiles and land is a finite entity.  Those of us on larger pieces of property will always have a unique value proposition.  Dirt prices continue to rise and Buyers will always be weighing their options between the various community options.

Watch for more updates as things begin to move forward.
The WOW Team will alert you to community meetings as more news of the development unfolds.

The WOW Team hopes everyone has a wonderful fall season!

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