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Historic Roswell plans redevelopment on S. Atlanta Street!

Hi all you Roswell and Sandy Spring residents! 

More news on the horizon for the traffic on S. Atlanta Street (existing Ga. Hwy 9) just north of the river.  The “historic gateway” redevelopment project is looking at moving forward a plan to divide a portion of South Atlanta Street into 2 one-way streets.  A larger central median island will maintain the integrity of the small town feel while rerouting the northbound traffic from Riverside Road  up the hill to a projected roundabout where S. Atlanta St. meets King Road.  Turning west onto Azalea Drive?  No problem… another traffic circle will route you around.  Ahhh…. could it happen sooner rather than later!!!  Let’s get moving!! Traffic is terrible and all too many folks are turning into traffic (center lane) going northbound when the center lane is used for southbound traffic during the rush hour!

.  For more information click Historic Gateway Project

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