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WOW – Georgia Property Tax Time

Hello!  It is that time of the year again – back to school, college football season & time to pay your Georgia Property Tax!

Most of the Atlanta metro counties have now released their 2015 property tax bills; see counties and their due dates listed below.
What does this mean for you as a buyer or seller of a home?

  1. All 2015 property tax bills will now be paid at closing even though the due date for the payment may be months or weeks away.  If you, as a seller, have an escrow account established for property taxes, the mortgage company will refund any amount unused in the account once the mortgage has been paid off after closing.
  2. Remember – Cash buyers who have purchased a home earlier this year or buyers that did not establish an escrow account with a loan — you are responsible for paying the entire bill for 2015 in full. (Remember the sellers of your new home gave an estimated prorated share of the bill at closing).
    A buyer must pay the bill even though it will not show their name as the owner of record.  The counties send their bills out with the name of the property owner as of January 1, so new buyer’s name will not show up on the property tax bills until 2016.

Recent purchasers and sellers often have many questions regarding the property taxes on your homes – feel free to contact The WOW Team with any questions you may have.

2015 TAXES — Taxes available as of 8/26/15

Thank you to our WOW Team friend Renee Dillon for the above Tax information.

Renee Dillon
Managing Attorney
4170 Ashford Dunwoody Road | Suite 285 | Atlanta, GA 30319
770.391.0073 ext. 8908 office | 770.395.9610 fax
ReneeD@titlelaw.com | www.titlelaw.com

Contact Janet Weidmann with the WOW Team to learn about the real estate in Roswell, Johns Creek, Alpharetta and your immediate neighborhood. Reach out to The WOW Team with any questions you may have on Georgia Property Tax.
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Thank you — Janet Weidmann | Team Leader of the WOW Team
Phone: 404-531-5700
Mobile: 770-597-2862

Things are Happening in Roswell

Roswell GA Courthouse - Janet WeidmannExciting things are happening in our Roswell Community!!

Riverwalk Village an ecologically focused development has been haled as the most up and coming pedestrian friendly community in Atlanta!  I am thrilled to hear this development will incorporate the existing river park along Riverside Rd to residential homes, offices, schools, shops, hotel & restaurants and greenspace all within an easy on/off of HWY 400 and Holcomb Bridge Rd.  I am even more excited to hear the bike paths and pedestrian trails will eventually link with the Big Creek greenway with a proposed tunnel under Holcomb Bridge Rd.  Finally, Atlanta will rival other cities with a coherent plan for alternative bike paths and greenspace within a beautifully planned community!

What about traffic?  With an early off ramp you will be home ~ less traffic on Holcomb Bridge Rd., easier commute and potentially with more Class A office space in Riverwalk Village means more options for working in the immediate proximity of your home!

Should existing homeowners
with the larger lots be concerned for future resale?
I would say, ‘not to worry!!’ There will always be buyers who want privacy, larger home lots w/ mature trees and the traditional home.  Although Roswell City Logo_framedthe housing trends are pointing to more communities like Riverwalk Village, homeowners must also recognize that in these newer communities you will be experiencing a more urban lifestyle with closer proximity to neighbors and less privacy.  Recognize that there are all sort of buyer profiles and land is a finite entity.  Those of us on larger pieces of property will always have a unique value proposition.  Dirt prices continue to rise and Buyers will always be weighing their options between the various community options.

Roswell BoutiqueIf you haven’t Really Seen Roswell lately, Get Out and Explore all it has to offer!
Take a stroll down Canton Street and experience the magic of  bistros, art galleries, boutiques, and fine dining.  Walk up the small side streets for other great finds ~ Roswell is known for it’s many restaurants and small town cultural events alike. Here is a short list of places & events you might like to explore. Things are Happening in Roswell ~ Enjoy!!  

  • As of July 1st –  A new golf cart ordinance takes effect. Citizens will be allowed to drive PTV (personal transport vehicles) on any public street with posted speed limits of 25 mph.
  • Historic Roswell –  Enjoy the “Southern Trilogy” in downtown Roswell. Visit three of Atlanta’s most beautiful homes, all within walking distance of each other. Go back in time and experience how some of Roswell’s founding families lived in days gone by.  ~ see http://www.roswellgov.com/index.aspx?NID=217
  • Riverside Sounds Concert Series –  This concert series at Riverside Park goes through October on the 1st Saturday of each month!  Food trucks will provide refreshments.
    River Whyless Performs July 11 – Roswell’s Riverside Sounds concert series continues with experimental folk-rock band River Whyless on Saturday, July 11, from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Food trucks—including Meatballerz, River WhylessWheelyGrilly, and a snow cone vendor—will be on location starting at 6:00 p.m.
    ~ see www.roswellgov.com/RiversideSounds
  • Alive After 5 –  Festivities are alive every 3rd Thursday from April to October. Come out to enjoy live music, free trolley rides, face painting, extended retail hours, and much more in historic Roswell.
  • Roswell Summer Puppet Series –  Enjoy kids classics as a Billy Goats Gruff or The Princess and the Pea now through July 18thhttp://www.roswellgov.com/puppetshows
  • Chattahoochee Nature Center –  Atlanta’s Nature Destination — Community events for all ages. Enjoy wildlife programs, hiking, environmental education, horticulture & more!  http://chattnaturecenter.org/

Stay connected with The WOW Team & Watch for more updates
as things begin to develop around Roswell.
We will alert you to community meetings and more.

Contact Janet Weidmann with the WOW Team to learn about the real estate in Roswell, your immediate neighborhood and other local happenings. Link here to find out the real value of your home.

The Start of Summer Vacation in Alpharetta, Georgia

Memorial Day weekend often signals
the start of Summer vacation.

Kids have packed away the schoolbooks and replaced them with summer reading lists.  Moms shuttle to swim meets instead of soccer games.  Weather becomes a more constant high of 80+ degrees instead of the intermittent winds, rains and hail of springtime.  Life’s pace actually slows down . . . just a bit!

So take time to look around at all the newest changes taking place in our neck of the woods! The start of Summer vacation proves to be quite eventful here in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Alpharetta Courthouse n Park March Aerial 2015

The New Alpharetta City Hall, Library and Parking Deck.

Have you ventured out to see what’s happening
in Alpharetta lately!

WOW an amazing streetscape is evolving down Alpharetta’s Main Street!  The new city hall sits back regally overlooking a fresh carpet of lawn and trees. A new public library sits adjacent to city hall & street roundabouts and garden pots grace the more pedestrian friendly streetscapes.  In fact Alpharetta’s commitment to revitalizing downtown has increased residential and commercial interests across the whole city.

Avalon a $600 million mixed use development fills the need for high-end retail,  Whole Foods, and executive ‘urban style’ housing , while the downtown area of Alpharetta maintains the historic motif with mom & pop shops such as a favorite of mine Karen’s Fabrics!  Karen has been around for 20 years and is an expert in today’s upscale furniture & window fabric designs at reasonable price points. Before my real estate career  (18 years ago! WOW) I worked with Karen and remember the hey day of swags and jabots!

With Wills Park and now the new city center and Avalon in place we will be looking forward to the ‘bridging’ of these 3 dynamic locations with pedestrian friendly parks, bikeways, and much more!

A new dynamic city center is unfolding and this summer will be transformative in many ways . . . There will certainly be more festivals, concerts, shops and dining to explore.  After years of recession we’re finally digging out and building  up in a big way here in Alpharetta!!!

Happy Summer Everyone!

2015-02-27 Downtown Alpharetta Master Plan Report-1Here are some up-and-coming events in Alpharetta, GA to watch for this summer. And, for light reading, click on the Alpharetta Master Plan document to the left.

See you around Alpharetta this Summer.

  • Alpharetta Art in the Park presented by Gallery 35 ~ Last full weekend of each month May through September
    Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. | Sundays from 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
    Old Milton Park, 35 Milton Avenue
    Event Dates:
    June 27-28, 2015
    July 25-26, 2015
    August 29-30, 2015
    September 26-27, 2015
    For more information – visit Gallery 35 Alpharetta
  • Alpharetta Farmers Market ~ Saturday mornings through April through October
    Saturdays from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
    Old Canton Street in Downtown Alpharetta
    At the Downtown Alpharetta Farmers Market you will find farmers with fruits, vegetables and natural meats, gardeners with fresh flowers and herbs, and makers of all sorts of edible home goods from yummy desserts and breads to local raw honey and homemade sauces, jellies, soaps.
    For more information – visit Alpharetta Farmers Market
  • Alpharetta Food Truck Alley ~ Every Thursday from April through October
    Thursdays from 5:00 – 9:00 p.m.
    Old Roswell Street, Alpharetta, GA
    Enjoy a variety of 6-8 rotating food trucks and music each week. Stroll the streets, eat delicious food, listen to some great music and kick off the weekend a little early!
    June 25, 2015: Mr. Blue Sky
    For more informationAlpharetta Foodtruck Alley
  • Nightlife in Alpharetta
    Alpharetta’s exciting nightlife scene ranges from wine bars to breweries to events in the downtown area.
    For more informationvisit Awesome Alpharetta Nightlife
  • Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
    2200 Encore Parkway, Alpharetta, GA 30004
    Enjoy performances by today’s leading artists and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre. The 12,000-seat state-of-the art venue provides a unique setting for music lovers.
    For more informationVerizon Alpharetta

Contact Janet Weidmann with the WOW Team to learn about the real estate in Alpharetta and your immediate neighborhood and other local happenings. Link here to find out the real value of your home.

Janet Weidmann speaks on Atlanta Housing in 2015

“According to the latest FMLS stats there were
2,959 closings for Residential Single Family
detached houses in January 2015.

That represents a DECREASE of 7% over same period last year.
Active Inventory for Single Family houses is UP as of
the end of January with an INCREASE of about 12%!

NUMBERS are UP – The Median Sales Price rose during last 2 months of 2014 due to a decrease in supply, but now SUPPLY is UP in January 2015. What does this all mean?

What does this mean for Buyers & Sellers?

There is more inventory to choose from as Sellers become more confident in putting their homes on market due to higher sales prices.  Sellers are digging out from being under water.  Interest rates continue to be historically low.

What will the Future bring?

Interest rates historically tend to shift upward in the spring and back down again at year’s end.  With interest rates low and affordability high Atlanta is #1 of the Top 10 Housing Markets in the nation.
According to Realtor.com, Atlanta is predicted to have a 6% increase in home owning households over the next 5 years.

Where will these buyers be purchasing homes?

Urban areas are high on the list for Millennials. However, with ever-increasing price tags and growing families this trend may not be sustainable to most couples. Good school areas are always a strong pull for relocation clients as well as locals.  With more soft industries coming to the burbs, (e.g. Mercedes Benz – coming to Sandy Springs in 2015) there will be more viable lifestyle options to families and couples alike without the horrible commute that Atlanta is known for. “

My best always,
Janet Weidmann, REALTOR
WOW Team Keller Williams Realty First Atlanta

Contact Janet Weidmann with the WOW Team to learn more about the real estate in your immediate neighborhood. Link here to find out the real value of your home.

See Around Corners – The WOW Team and 3Q Real Estate Statistics

Maximize your evaluation
of current prices.

Why are statistics so important? Stats help us see around corners. As professional REALTORS ~ The WOW Team wants to better predict what to look for and how to plan and strategize for pricing property and negotiating on the buying side.

Understanding 3 market views allows Buyers to maximize their evaluation of current prices, and allows sellers to position their property to maximize their sale price with less time on market.

The Three Market Areas:
A) The Macro View
(National Market as reported in National Media coverage)
B) Metro View
(Atlanta Market as reported by FMLS statistics and our hired statistician ChartMaster Services, LLC
C) Micro View
(Your community or neighborhood as reported through a comparative market analysis and FMLS stats)


ChartMasters Services Reports 3Q Stats:

Top 5 Atlanta Companies - Keller Williams

Historic indicators predict this activity will ripple out to the suburbs.

Cumulative Market Sales for 3rd Quarter 2014 mirrors 2013 same period.  However, Keller Williams agents sales are up nearly 10% above other companies.  (see graph left – KW is indicated in RED)

We are watching in town condos where sales are 14% above 2013.  Historic indicators predict this activity will ripple out to the suburbs. As single family houses become more expensive due to short supply, condos and townhouses become more attractive.  Condo prices are going up because detached single family prices are going up.

The Atlanta market is in a “self leveling market” which simply put, means there are no extenuating indicators to give sharp up or downward momentum. 1-7% is a normal market for measuring an increase of median pricing.  The median sales price rose by +7.1% in 2014.

Keller Williams Median Sales Price History

The median sales price was higher in September 2014 than the previous high median September price reached in 2007! WE ARE BACK!!

The chart attached (right) shows our median sales prices shown monthly, and by year.  2014 is indicated with the red line and shows that the median sales price was higher in September 2014 than the previous high median September price reached in 2007! 

As we move toward the 4th quarter we are experiencing the seasonality of the market and any sudden global or national factors could expose the fragile nature of this recovery. (Below)

KW_3_Qtr_Stats_p_18Looking back  (2008 through 2014) on the activity of closed sales and the seasonality of the market the chart above shows we have consistent sales throughout the years, regardless of what kind of market we are experiencing. The blue bars at the bottom indicate the number of closed sales.  The red bars indicate the amount of inventory.  So, listing your home say in December could be a good thing since inventory is so low and there are still Buyers looking for good homes.

How does all this play out in community?  If you want more in depth information of months of inventory, or sales… we have those stats too.  This report is more of an overview for the Atlanta Market.

The good news is that prices are still attractive and interest rates are comparatively low.  It’s still a great time to get into the market!!

The WOW Team will continue to re-evaluate market trends and look around corners so you don’t have to!

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Benefits of Working with WOW

The WOW Team and Keller Williams First Atlanta (KWFA) ~ The Benefits

  1. KWFA, The Rawls Group, has hired a statistician to study the quarterly statistics in our Atlanta Market.
  2. Quarterly stats come out 4 times a year.

Here are the Hi-Lights of the most recent 2014 Quarterly Stats (3rd quarter stats will be released early in November)

  • Keller Williams Top 5 Atlanta Real Estate Companies

    Graph #1

    KWFA continues to outperform the market ~ because of this we ARE a direct reflection of “what’s happening in the Atlanta market.” (see graph #1)

    • KWFA has 21% market share while the other top players trail with 5-8% market share
  • Market Sales are Down – 1.2% but basically flat from this same period in 2013
    • It is interesting to note that single family housing sales reflect a -4% over last year, but Attached housing had stronger sales than same period in 2013
    • It is also a result of homeowners electing NOT to sell because they don’t know where to move (inventory remains low in the highly sought after school districts) or they are opting to stay put as a more conservative approach to their post recession lifestyle
  • Inventory of housing stock is above the 6 month mark (see graph #2)
    • 6-7 months of inventory is considered a balanced market
    • The last time we saw 6 months of inventory was June 2012
    • Increased inventory is a sign of confidence with Buyers & Seller. Homeowners are finally digging their way out of being under water.
  • Graph #2

    Graph #2

    How Does this Affect You?

    • With higher inventory there is more competition in selling . . . We are no longer a “Sellers Market for many market areas … consult with the WOW Team regarding your specific are
    • The median sales price is nearly back to 2007 ~ however, this is because there are fewer distressed homes on the market, fewer investors and more luxury homes sales. (see graph #3)
    • School districts continue to drive sales ~ if you are in a highly sought after school district your home will experience higher than average sales price and less time on market
    • Graph #3

      Graph #3

      The Supply / Demand relationship is still a Seller’s Advantage with distressed properties (if you can find them!) . . . Quick action and serious offers are required when high-value properties are found. Expect multiple offers.

    • Strategies for Sellers: Maximize selling price and minimize market time by choosing an initial listing price that represents a high value compared to competing listings!
    • Strategies for Buyers: Don’t low ball offers on High-Value Properties

Our Best Always,
Janet Weidmann & The WOW Team!

For more information on North Fulton and its communities contact Janet Weidmann of the WOW Team.
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Market is Down YTD Sales are off 7% from Last Year

One of the benefits in working with the WOW Team and Keller Williams is that we have hired a statistician to study the quarterly statistics in our Atlanta Market. First Quarter Stats just came out and I would like to share some of the applicable points to all my clients. I hope you find these findings of value. We strive to keep you always informed and updated.

Hi-Lites of 1st Quarter 2014

Keller Williams First Atlanta is outperforming the market ~ because of this we ARE a direct reflection of ‘what’s happening in the Atlanta market.’ Slide 1

  • KW First Atlanta (KWFA) has 20% market share while the other top players trail with 8-10% market share.



Slide 1Market is Down ~ YTD Sales are off 7% from last year YTD 2013
and off 12% from YTD 2012

  • This is partially due to the low end homes  not flooding the market and investors getting out of the market.
  • A result of homeowners electing NOT to sell because they don’t know where to move or they are opting to stay put as a more conservative approach to their post-recession lifestyle.

Slide 1Number of Solds Remain Constant Throughout the Years

. . . but this will change as the population in Atlanta increases due to the technology hub in Alpharetta, sports and corporate headquarters, etc., etc.

  • The chart right also shows the “TRY-ers” are many and the SELLERS are fewer. The “try-ers” are not going away . . . they still have houses to sell and will be out there again and again in the future.

Slide 1Market is Very Different Now

  • There is a margin of error in a Buyers’ market so trying a higher price initially is conceivable.Emotion drives Buyers in a Sellers’ Market.
    • After trying the market sellers should adjust of understand the consequences . . . so . . . in effect this means . . . In all price points it’s okay to try a price but if after 2 weeks the market responds without an offer then it is important to adjust. (In past Buyers markets with HIGH inventory) it was most important to get the price right immediately.
    • LOGIC drives Buyers in a BUYERS Market; for all the sellers who are in a Buyers’ market (500,000 and above) one needs to make adjustments in price sooner to secure a buyer.
    • Furthermore it is important to note that supply of inventory has increased in every price category from 2013.

My best always,
Janet Weidmann, REALTOR
WOW Team Keller Williams Realty First Atlanta

Contact Janet Weidmann with the WOW Team to learn more about the real estate in your immediate neighborhood. Link here to find out the real value of your home.




Janet Explores Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Balmy breezes whispered through the gardens.

Private Stroll Through GardenOne of my favorite haunts is the Atlanta Botanical Garden! Ever changing with the seasons it is a constant rebirth of new life, artwork and entertainment. On this particular outing to the gardens I felt like I was in my own private estate. A balmy breeze whispered ‘continue on…’ as the trees, flora, fauna and distant waterfall captured my attention more than any media device could! Very few souls venture out during the work week and so this was my day, my mother’s day break, my day to refresh my soul, my “Sabbath break from Media devices.”

DSC_0357DSC_0369While everyone in Atlanta sat at work on this glorious weekday… I enjoyed secret pathways through woodlands, urban vegetable patches, formal gardens, canopy walks, and flower gardens that would WOW every landscapers ‘’wanna be.’’ Hidden treasures were found at nearly every turn. ‘Plant giants’ sculptures graced the grounds from the water maiden to hairy audacious orangutans. Giant butterflies, reaching high above my head and best of all, the mythical unicorn grazing in the grass delighted the shutterbug in me!

DSC_0429A hunger rush is all the more reason to visit the gardens! Try the on site snack bar that will give you GREAT salad ideas often straight from their organic garden!

Thursday nights May – September imbibe spirits with ‘Cocktails in the Garden’ 6-10pm. Not into World Congress center crowds for top rated concerts? The Concerts in the Garden series spotlighting great entertainment from The Indigo Girls to Lyle Lovett and His Large Band or others.

Need a gift idea for that special someone? Surprise them with a membership to the Botanical Gardens or better yet . . .enjoy a day out to explore . . . wine and dine them w/ a gift of concert in the garden!!

The WOW Team hopes everyone had a Happy Mom’s Day!
We take this time to salute all Moms who give so much of themselves and give so selflessly at that!

See more great photos from the Atlanta Botanical Gardens ~ Like the WOW Team Facebook page and keep up with our latest news.

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Springtime at 9500 Scott Road, Roswell, GA 30076

Springtime on Scott Rd

This Historic Roswell Home, 9500 Scott Road / priced at $525,000, is new to the market. It is beautifully situated on 2 acres of partially wooded land and boasts quality and all the conveniences of home. A separate building to the rear of the property affords privacy and NO commute time to the office!

OPEN HOUSE on Saturday, May 3rd
from 2:00-4:00 p.m.

Built circa 1930’s by a British naval officer and then lovingly cared for the last 30+ years by present owners, this estate has been revered by area residents as the crown jewel of the East Roswell area. Walking out the back door one feels like they are miles from Atlanta. Walk out the front door and you are within a short walk to Centennial High School, Horseshoe Bend Country Club, and East Roswell Park. Fine Dining at Marlow’s Tavern, and Ippolito’s Italian Restaurant are only minutes away by car. Bike along the Big Creek Trail, the Chattahoochee River, and around New Town Park where there is an award-winning dog park. These and other great destinations are close by.

Back inside the estate…. enjoy the screened in porch adjacent to a main level bedroom, a banquet sized dining room, fireside living room, and an aspen style study complete with fireplace. These rooms all grace the main level. The kitchen was updated recently with gas, convection cooking and granite countertops.

Be ready to be WOW’d by the BOMB shelter basement complete with manor sized fireplace, kitchenette, wine cellar, gaming room, full bath and much more.
This home also has special secret niches and plenty of storage!

For more information on Roswell and the surrounding communities The WOW Team of Keller Williams Realty First Atlantacontact Janet Weidmann of the WOW Team.
Visit the WOW Team website to begin a Home Search in Roswell, GA or link and find the true “Market Value” of your home.

Horseshoe Bend Country Club ~ an Executive Home Beauty!

Open House Tuesday April 22, 2014 11:30-1:30 710 Winnmark Ct. ~ Great home for entertaining! 3 Fireplaces, Banquet sized dining room; Keeping Kitchen; Finished Terrace with 2nd Kitchenette; Central Vac; Hardwoods on Main; 10 ft ceilings; cul-de-sac street; Excellent schools; E-Z commute to Ga 400; 40 min. to airport;  $625,000.00 ~ Contact the WOW Team at Keller Williamsfor more information (janet@weidmanngroup.com)


Nestled in the horseshoe formed by the mighty Chattahoochee River, this country club neighborhood has always been a magnet for executive families.  Recently Horseshoe Bend Country Club has undergone a $10,000,000 face lift and as a result the housing has experienced an upward trend in prices.

What do homeowners enjoy about the location of Horseshoe Bend?  Walking throughout the neighborhood is a favorite pastime.  The lakes and forests views are beautiful in spring and summer; there’s a walking club to join if you prefer company.  It is a safe neighborhood as some folks can be seen walking their pets as early as 4:30 A.M.!   Other benefits… Lunch at the clubhouse, fireworks on the green, and of course the constant activity of swim, tennis and golf events.


Situated in the historic town of Roswell, GA, everyone enjoys the diversity of cuisine from Thai foods to  farm-to-table cooking. Canton Street is the hub of specialty shops and fine dining.   Roswell is also well-known for its exceptional parks and recreation facilities. Follow this link to the Roswell Convention & Visitors Bureau website showcasing many things to do around Roswell as well as shopping and dining suggestions.

Adjacent to Horseshoe Bend Country Club is the East Roswell Park which includes, Frisbee Golf Course, Activity center, Sports fields and a New Library under construction at the time of this writing.  In the early 2000’s Roswell acquired land along the river corridor and has since constructed miles of biking trails and hiking paths while preserving the natural habitat for future generations along the Chattahoochee.

Voted one of the best small towns in America, Roswell is a much sought after destination to put down your roots.  Horseshoe Bend is one of the best kept secrets … but word is getting out so come experience all it has to offer.  The WOW Team of Keller Williams Realty First Atlanta specializes in Horseshoe Bend ~ let us give you the tour and we’ll WOW you!!

Follow this link to the WOW Team website and discover your home’s value.


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