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WOW ~ Warm Coat Drive for…. N. Fulton Charities

Hi Everyone!  We are helping North Fulton Charities collect coats and outerwear for the underserved in our community.  Yes, it’s hard to believe there is a shadow population in our affluent area! We visited N. Fulton Charities recently to understand better.  See the attached 1 min video .

So …  this is our FIRST attempt at videography!  LOL!  My new Mac did most of the work!  🙂  Let us know if we can pick your donations up!!  



Janet Weidmann

DIY Tips For Updating Your Home


Looking to update your home but don’t have the money for a huge renovation? There are several budget friendly ways to bring those outdated rooms out of the dark ages. Not only will updating provide you with more enjoyment of your home, it can significantly increase its value as well. There are two areas of your home you need to keep in mind when planning on updating- the kitchen and bathrooms. A remodeled kitchen and bathroom can add 75%-100% to a home’s return on investment (ROI). Not only do these rooms have the highest return on investment, they can also decrease the amount of time your home is on the market.

The kitchen is considered the heart of the home, which is why it is a significant selling point to future buyers. Some easy ways to update this room include replacing the kitchen faucet and adding new cabinet door hardware. Update old, harsh florescent lighting fixtures with hanging lights above work areas, recessed lighting, and energy-efficient dimmers. If your appliances don’t match you can try ordering new doors or face panels from the manufacturer or upgrading to new energy efficient appliances. If the flooring is outdated, install hardwood or tile flooring to give it a facelift. Painting or re-facing old cabinets can make a huge difference at minimal cost. Also if it is in your budget, replace the countertop with natural stone. Putting up a simple back splash and a fresh coat of paint can nicely complement your other updates.

Renovating an existing bathroom can definitely add value to your home. This room can get a lot of wear and tear from all the moisture present that can cause fixtures to age rapidly. Update lighting, faucet sets and replace the showerhead to liven up your old bath decor. Make sure the new hardware is all the same metal finish to tie the room together. Resurfacing the current vanity cabinets, or even installing a new pedestal sink, can completely change the look of the room. Replace old discolored flooring with fresh vinyl or tile. Re-grouting tub and showers and replacing any chipped tiles will make the room feel cleaner and brighter. Replace a lackluster mirror with a framed decorative one that the complements to room or add your own frame to the current mirror by gluing molding around the edges. Lastly, paint the room a bright, neutral color that reflects light so that the room looks larger.

So if you are either updating your home because you plan on being there for many years to come or you are looking to sell, these rooms will provide the best return on investment and give a new feel to your home.


Designer Kitchens


Need a Kitchen Idea!!??  Check out this link for Kitchen remodels done by Weidmann Remodeling!  They are a premiere remodeling / renovation company started in 1989 by my husband Bill Weidmann. Together with Bill’s younger brother Dan they have built an unparralleled reputation in their industry with loyal fans who have gone on to multiple projects. The Weidmann commitment to outstanding quality &  customer service gives them the WOW edge!!

How soon can I purchase a home if I sold a distressed house in the “Great Recession”? Read on….

Hi Everyone!  This chart may be very helpful to those of you out there that have sold distressed properties in the past few years but now are ready to get back into the market.  There are different guidelines dependent upon the type of distressed sale you closed.  CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE.
Compliments of Starkey Mortgage.

Interest rates are stinking low, hovering at 3.5% and it is becoming a Sellers market depending on what part of Atlanta you reside.  Now is the time to take advantage of these fabulous market conditions.  Rents are through the roof while home ownership is still a bargain.  If you are serious about owning a home again ~ let Starkey Mortgage and the WOW Team at Keller Williams First Atlanta be your HELP Desk for any Real Estate and Mortgage queries!

Pricing Right

Pricing Right    Homes Priced Right SELL!  Less overhead, less hassle and more $$$ overall than testing the market.  CLICK  pricing right, link above for more information.

The WOW Team at Keller Williams Realty 1st Atlanta

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