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Historic Roswell plans redevelopment on S. Atlanta Street!

Hi all you Roswell and Sandy Spring residents! 

More news on the horizon for the traffic on S. Atlanta Street (existing Ga. Hwy 9) just north of the river.  The “historic gateway” redevelopment project is looking at moving forward a plan to divide a portion of South Atlanta Street into 2 one-way streets.  A larger central median island will maintain the integrity of the small town feel while rerouting the northbound traffic from Riverside Road  up the hill to a projected roundabout where S. Atlanta St. meets King Road.  Turning west onto Azalea Drive?  No problem… another traffic circle will route you around.  Ahhh…. could it happen sooner rather than later!!!  Let’s get moving!! Traffic is terrible and all too many folks are turning into traffic (center lane) going northbound when the center lane is used for southbound traffic during the rush hour!

.  For more information click Historic Gateway Project

For the latest information in home prices for North Atlanta visit the WOW Team web page

Permanent Removal of Smoke Odors in Homes or Cars

ImageYOU LOVE the HOME on the Internet…. but walking through the front door, your nostrils are assaulted and you  want to leave immediately!  Nothing turns off a potential buyer more (except cat odors!) than cigarette smoke odors!  I just had a listing in Roswell GA… which suffered from years of smokers.  After researching our options we found this treatment to be PERFECT!  Placing the machine in a closed home for a week rid the house of the smoke odor!  Unbelievable!  You can rent a machine or purchase new for around $300- $400.  Well worth the investment to secure a higher home price!

Another great trick for vacant homes… add charcoal to a wicker basket and cover it with pine cones or a silk plant…. the charcoal will absorb the stale  air odors while the house is closed up.  Your home will smell and feel fresher.  Just don’t use those air fresheners for outlets…. everyone thinks you are covering up a smell!… which you ARE! 

Good luck!  It’s going to be a great 2012! 

Janet Weidmann (Team Leader of the WOW Team of Keller Williams) 770-597-2862

Tebow fortune to spill over in Real Estate!

Did you all watch the Denver Broncos game yesterday?! … Tim Tebow threw the winning pass for an unbelievable touchdown in the first play of an overtime game against Pittsburgh Steelers!  What a game!  

Good times are shaping up in in the world of Real Estate for 2012 as well!   Based on the number of calls we’ve been experiencing at the Wow Team office and a spike of activity on our listings via the web we think the Spring selling season will be a good one! 

As we look at the lower housing inventory in Alpharetta and Johns Creek we are reaching a more balanced market!  Harp 2 will provide great relief for homeowners who want to refinance (contact us at The WOW Team Office for more info on qualifications of this homeowners relief program) even if they are underwater! Prices have leveled off and we believe they will actually increase slightly in pocket area.

Activity in our housing market is percolating and it will be at a full boil following Super Bowl weekend.  If you are thinking of selling get off the couch and contact us for preliminary guidance on positioning your home for the Spring market!!

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